Rextor Optimus Cable

Rextor Optimus Cable
Rextor Optimus Cable Rextor Optimus Cable Rextor Optimus Cable
ID: 830696
Phone brand: LG
Boxes: Octopus, SELG Fusion Box
Cable type: system connector
Connector type: USB
Cable length: 20 cm

Rextor Optimus cable with resistance switch for Octopus Box has been
developed for LG P500, P970, P990, P999 and further models flash, unlock and service.

This cable has built-in resistance switch (0K/56K/130K/910K) that allows you
to perform all service operations with the latest LG Optimus phones. It's
possible to unlock and flash LG Optimus phones with the
only one cable. Rextor Optimus cable also can be used as a regular Micro USB cable.

Resistance Switch Main Modes:

  • 0k – regular Micro USB cable for most of the phones
  • 56k – for LG P970/P990 unlock
  • 130k – LG "service mode"
  • 910k – for LG P970/P990 flash and LG P999 flash/unlock

Rextor Optimus Cable – Supported Devices:

  • Octopus Box
  • Octopus India
  • SELG Fusion Box (LG Tool)
  • any other devices that use regular Micro USB cable

Rextor Optimus Cable – Supported Models:

  • LG P500
  • LG P920
  • LG P970
  • LG P990
  • LG P993
  • LG P999
  • LG SU660
  • *and any other LG cell phone that uses regular Micro USB cable connection:

  • LG A130
  • LG A310
  • LG BL20
  • LG BL40
  • LG C130
  • LG C320
  • LG C900
  • LG GD310
  • LG GD570
  • LG GD900
  • LG GU230
  • LG GU280
  • LG GX300
  • LG L04C
  • LG L06C
  • LG P50x
  • LG T300
  • LG T500
  • Also supports other phones launched by various mobile brands that require Micro USB cable connection.